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April 13th, 2015

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Divine bitch in nylons punishing a sex slave

April 10th, 2015

At divine bitches, tame men bitches submit to female control in the power of renowned dominatrix along with the team of professional as well as ruthless Dominatrices.

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Hoovering up in a short skirt and stockings

April 7th, 2015

The stockings request

If you could have some mess scattered across the room before you start, quite a bit if possible, and a mixture of anything and everything! Things like, bits of pasta, screws, tissue (not paper though), sweets, wrappers etc, anything really that makes that great rattly noise or slurping sound as it’s sucked up is good! I was going to suggest perhaps a couple of really flimsy pairs of panties to suck up too if you think that’s OK? Sounds weird maybe! Just really light ones that the hoover is gonna cope with no problem.

Start off by coming into the room dragging the hoover with you. Bend over to pull out the cord and bend over again to plug it in. Lift up the hose and click the switch on with your shoe. Then just really start hoovering as you would normally. After a short time you come across some mess on the floor… take off the floor tool like you’ve done in your past videos and pics and use the long metal tube to suck some of it up… just normally as you would in real life, not too acted out if you know what I mean?! Then place the floor attachment back on and carry on. It’d be good if you could have the mess spread in various areas and especially along the edges, skirting boards, corners, sofa, on top of a table even. Just every now and then use the long tube to clean some of it up when you come across it. I’d like to see you using the tube a lot throughout the video to suck things up and clean in corners and edges! (But not the roof as I’ve seen you do in your ‘blocked up’ video.. nothing against that, was good, but just like if you could stick to things lower down! : ))

After a short while, I’d love to see, when you have the tube out, if you could let the suction grab hold of your skirt as if by accident! Let it hold on for a few seconds and lift up your skirt with the suction… I’d love if you could do this various time too during the shoot : )

One other thing would be if you could suck a few things up accidentally too as you go along. Panties would be nice here as I mentioned or really anything that you wouldn’t normally just suck up with a hoover! Maybe a small sock, something like that. Just when you have the tube out, make out as if you are leaning over to do something else for a second and while you are not concentrating the tube comes near the item and whoosh, it’s away! Not sure how easy that might be to play out though… perhaps have the tube out and while leaning over a table or something else to pick something up the tube rests on the table where the panties/sock are. Be nice to see that a couple of times at least.

While all this is going on if you could be showing off your stockings and underwear to their full, not purposefully but just as if it as part of the moves you are making, bending over, leaning, reaching etc.

And to be honest that’s about it! I think I made that sound a little more complicated than it was! To sum up, hoovering normally, some nice sexy moves, sucking lots of things up as you go along, using the long tube plenty times, grabbing your skirt with the suction a few times, sucking a few things up ‘accidentally’ and just hoovering normally but in a sexy way. You’ve done it plenty of times before to my great satisfaction so I’ve no doubt you know what to do!! : ))

Well, I hope that wasn’t too lengthy! I really hope you like the ideas and don’t think it’s too weird! I’d say perhaps 15 Min’s for the video but if you reckon longer or otherwise, just say. That goes too for any other ideas you may have, just let me know or add them in as you see fit!

I made this movie myself for this. This is just a quick sample for you all.


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What gift would you like? Stocking, panties or balloons

April 4th, 2015

You have certainly entertained me this year and although I am not in a position to offer much (Gentleman, I may aspire to be, but out of work does not readily facilitate my usual way of life) I would wish to send you a little present.. (If that could be myself, then all the better, although I don’t think, would hope, you’d not get much sleep….)

But what would you like to receive as a gift? Stockings I would guess or possibly balloons.. But if there is something that has caught your eye, perhaps you’d let me know

Wiping the residue of the statements above to one side for a moment, I’d like to fill you with praise for the work you have done so far and push lip service as far as possible .. (covering lips, neck,cleavage, belly, naval, vagina, upper thighs, lower legs and toes, in stockings to start with…)

I do like naval’s there is something about the expectation of where to go from there that I find will cause a woman to raise either her hips or shoulders that is so exciting. Equally I’d like to have you stood over me whilst I have my hands between your legs and caressing your firm luxurious buttocks pulling your vagina forward towards my tongue. Well what can I say except if your legs were covered in nylons as well we may be in danger of starting a fire.

You are an amazingly sexy woman and you know how to use it well, if I was in position to hire you as my personal assistant I would and just ask you to be yourself, although I may have have to ask you to re-frame from flashing overtly to too many employee’s at once other wise I think the male and female toilets would become over populated.. (Although if I had my way I’d have no desk in my office, just a down filled bed with Egyptian cotton sheets and a wardrobe of costumes, basques stockings, panties, restraints and maybe an aunt Jemima costume …)

On a side note I noticed a set of of you in panty hose and french knickers, the knickers almost seemed
to be a little worn out .. possibly due to over use.. I have no idea whats caused them to seem that way to me. I was merely thinking that some lubrication may be of use and if your juices happened to drip from snatch or leave little riveletes down your legs during a shoot then all the better.

Well you can always buy me stockings or panties. French knickers like these perhaps?


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Who wants to be my slave and worship my stockings?

April 1st, 2015


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The Applicants so far

Dearest Mistress.. I love a lady in black stockings, suspenders & high heels, would kiss & lick your high heel shoes & boots & admire you stocking clad legs. I’dbe happy to have you control me on a leash & collar, my hands tied behind my back.. as you have me kneel in front of you, kissing your feet. Mmm.. I’d be happy to lick up your stockings to your stocking tops, along your bare skin up to your moist panties & lick you between your legs. Perhaps you’d like to spank & whip my bum too..?!  If you like, I’d be happy to get a hot golden shower from you, or if you want to sit on my face peeing direct into my mouth as I suck & lick you?  I’d be even more sub/turned on if you wore a very short red or black leather, pvc or latex skirt!! I’d kneel in front of you while you sit on the toilet.. so you have me licking/rimming your bum hole after you’ve poood, then have me lick/suck you while you sit peein into the toilet bowl.

Hi Mistress,
I am a young, dirty slutty, bitch-boy in desperate search of Mistress. I like to be humiliated, the nastier – the better, being tied up securely, so that I couldn’t escape the punishment.
Forced to kneel before beautiful feet, you tell me to wipe it clean with my tongue…I lean down licking your heels, my tongue sweeping up and down…You laugh seeing what a slut you have under your feet. You pull me by the hair, slowly exposing your latex strap-on cock. My eyes start widening, as you shove it into my mouth. – “;;Suck it good, slut”;; – your words pounding down. I adore every single element of bdsm. Collars, whips, role-playing, tormenting, spanking, whipping, forced actions, humuliation. I would love to be your slave.

Mistress I hope to be the sub that you can have lots of fun with and i promise you complete control and surrender on my part. I am a 26 year old submissive guy from west London and I would love to get to know a like minded Lady like you! I am very easy going, intelligent and I like to keep busy with out door activities. I have been a submissive for the last 5 to 6 years and have experience in being dominated. I would like to expand my horizons and experiences and stretch my limits of submission. I have experienced a number of things like body worship, being tied up, caned, foot worship, humiliation and orgasm control. These are the things that I have done and I understand that’s it’s all about You and nothing to do with me. Therefore I would love to please you any way that you wish or desire!

Hello Mistress,  I am 27yrs old, white, clean, quite handsome I’d like to think, discreet and with a massive fetish for nice legs. When I look at a woman the first think to check out will be her legs and feet, then her arse and the rest follows. I’m asking for a chance to get down my knees and worship your feet and arse as you ‘ve never had it worshipped before. I’m not expecting for anything in return but I’d be glad to give anything you wanted.

Mistress. It would be a great honour for me to worship you as a Goddess and serve you as a Queen. My right place is at the feet of a beautiful Mistress. I believe women are superior to men and should be worship. As a slave my aim will be to please you in the way you want. I will be the only judge of the quality of my service and I will accept humiliation, punishment and reward. I believe it is part of my education. I will always thank you to take some of your precious time to educate me.

Mistress In order to please you I propose to clean and massage your feet and boots with my tongue as well as different oil. I propose to serve you at your home by doing housework, cleaning and cooking for you. I imagine that for our first encounter I should take all my clothes off. Because a mistress should see what she posses. Then on my knee, I shall beg you to accept me as your slave. If you accept I would serve you drinks and come to your feet to kiss them and massage them. I could clean your boots with my tongue and massage your feet with oil. You could reward me if you like my service or you could punish me with spanking and insult because I should learn exactly how you want to be please.

Dear Madam,I am single,slim,polite,and a fit 57. I am asking for a position at a womans feet where i would love to slowly take off her shoes and after taking in the aroma of your shoes i would put my hands behind my back[you can tie them if you wish]so you would be in control as you push your stocking clad toes into my mouth then push them deeper and deeper into my mouth,then after the removal of your stockings i do the same again with your naked feet,then kiss all of your legs and thighs until you say “that is far enough”and of course i would obey you,i never interupt a woman when she is speaking[please put me to the test]it is symbolic of female domination to have a male at her feet and for him to suck on her shoes and feet.Your Foot Slave.

Mistress, I WOULD LOVE to worship ur legs & feet as its one thing i really & truly love & i could do it forever(well,as long as u like!) ur the BOSS! ill be totally urs 4 the time u want & ill adore anything u want me to!(even ur ASS)! im very genuine,without an attitude and ill be ur devoted slave….ill worship ur feet & legs as they are the most important things on earth!!
i will caress them,stroke them & kiss them…i will cuddle them,worship them till ur bored.

Mistress,I’m a very willing and obedient slave who would love nothing more than to worship a mistress such as yourself. I have no preference in terms of age, weight or looks. All i seeks is a mistress who requires a slave with stocking, shoe, feet and arse fetish. I love feet,licking them, toes, sole. tights and stocking are also a big turn on!! There is nothing that i will not do for a mistress wearing stockings and high heels. I also love worshiping arse, licking deep with my tongue as mistress sits on my face. If you were to have me as your slave i would be willing do anything to please you. I would be completely under your command and will only yes to your every command

Reply and comment to this thread. I will read them and if I like them I will add them to this post

amateurs in nylons playing on cam

March 29th, 2015

My partner & I get wet just thinking of having sex, often I don’t need any video clips or any porn. We carry out these kind of free live web cam shows for this web site and it truly has transformed my own view on intercourse. Today I really understand what turns men on. My own snatch gets wet viewing almost all these males ejaculate. Would you like me to stick 1 or 2 fingers up my bumm? Or push them inside this vagina?

Blonde Milf Lucy Zara in her silky nylon stockings and black latex dress

March 26th, 2015

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Busty British milf Danica has been flirting with young men and flashing her stockings

March 23rd, 2015

Danica is a milf who loves lingerie, nylons, pantyhose, stockings, suspender belts and garter belts, but she also loves to get naughty in front of the camera. This lady that lunches has been to lunch today with some of her British lady friends. But at lunch today, as well as lots of gossiping and wine drinking there has also been lots of flirting with the waiters. By the time Danica finished her lunch and her flirting all the men she met wanted to fuck her, no surprise as I would love to fuck her! This British lady dressed in a soft pink dress made me look every inch a lady.  Every step this curvy milf took made the front of the dress part to reveal a stocking covered legs. The waiters were of course falling over themselves to serve this English Lady as she was also showing lots of cleavage and what ample cleavage Danica has as well. Danica pretended not to know and was happy to cross and uncross her stocking covered leg to give any gentleman a flash of her stockings as they passed  See Danica at her new personal site just Danica here

The boss is a bitch in nylons and loves to tease and humiliate

March 20th, 2015

If you like secretaries then you will love this new secretary blog Head Secretaries I will be updating this secretary site every day with new hot and dirty secretaries

Watch teasing superior sabrina at the office. “Have you got a little tool yet might still need to know what its like to possibly be humiliated at work by a very bitchy manager dressed in a very short skirt, ff nylons, stilettos and also slightly see through dark-colored panties? Very well this is for you. If you’d prefer to be humiliated or even laughed at then at this point it is the moment to get the penis released. Enjoy as I speak about precisely how tiny your own dick is actually and also exactly how huge I favor tools. A lot of cleavage with this movie and you are able to see what it can be like once i tease adult men using my boob as well as my legs and panties? Fragile men who love to enjoy women of all ages with out touching along with being teased should get their dick out due to the fact My goal is to tease plus humiliate you today. Furthermore you’re free to get on your knees and also place your own face between my legs and also have a good huge sniff of my own damp knickers? Do you need this? “.

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Unfaithful wives are looking to have affairs now

March 17th, 2015

Uk wives come in third place in the Top TEN Most unfaithful wives On the planet. unfaithful wives delivers the unfaithful wives and also the males whom like them, with each other. The UNLV study about infidelity plus extramarital affairs said that The british isles had infidelity & extramarital liasons instances at a rate of 42%, England experiences a top rate of ladies cheating. At unfaithful wives you’ll find swingers (including couples), cuckolding spouses plus just cheating girlfriends or wives. Have a surf on the site and find out if you can see your better half or your mates spouse. Or maybe join for free to find unfaithful wives right now.

Watch me in black nylons punishing a sub

March 14th, 2015

Now this specific slave thought that I couldn’t break him with a fine sturdy beating. Now do you believe I could truthfully beat him? Well needless to say I could therefore did. See when I use a wide selection of tools that happen to be at my disposal right up until he could receive no more. I start out the video fully clothed, however I get so warm with the hard work needed in whipping this particular slave, that I need to strip off to my own under garments as well as stockings. But this slave didn’t have a possibility to get aroused witnessing myself stripped down, because this individual had been far too occupied being thrashed. Certainly thrashed so hard he would certainly never become turned on. This is possibly the hardest beating film We have made. Would you enjoy a dam good thrashing similar to this servant? Exactly what have you done to be treated like that? Have you been good and also naughty? The beating continues on for about 50 minutes which is all caught onvideo, from start to end with no pauses or rests.You can watch this video in my premium members area. Join me now

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Have a peek up my skirt and take a good look at Danica Collins stocking tops and red panties before she slips them off

March 8th, 2015

Ive taken this blog post from big boob amateurs. I am thrilled with the way in which danica comes up with concepts for naughty clothing as well as movies. This amateur usually takes just simply quite fundamental stuff and converts them right into a really naughty outfits. Whenever danica starts her prominent slow stripping this alluring English adult alluring female takes out the two of her massive boobs then pulls down her panties. It looks if you ask me this attractive milf is actually welcoming that you play just a little fun. Picture precisely how cool it will be for you to ram your own dick among these two large boobs after which you can spread your warm cum all over this wife’s boobs. This unbelievably alluring video from danica collins sees danica collins little by little strip to reveal her gorgeous shape in a sexy basque and also traditional stockings. Taking off 1 stocking this wife puts it over her hands in order to fuck her vagina, taking pleasure in the sense of the nylon massaging against her clit as she actually gets to orgasm. Enjoy as she covers her feet in wine in as well as out of stockings and challenges that you to have a peek up my skirt and take a good look at Danica Collins stocking tops and red panties before she slips them off. If you want more big boob posts then visit big boob amateurs here

I like drooling over women in heels and opaque stockings and get quite aroused by them

March 5th, 2015

Stockings request

I have a gorgeous tongue that knows exactly how to worship your pretty feet and definitely your sweet asshole….you could sit on my face whilst i eat your ass and fuck my mouth with your feet

The thought of worshipping your sexy legs in heels and thigh highs has me uncontrollably hard right now. Starting at your feet, I crave to lick and nibble on every inch of your beautiful legs until i get up to your firm ass, where I’ll devour your tight little hole with my tongue and lips. I beg for you to tease me with your heels and legs…and will do anything you command me to

I will be happy to smell your feet, lick every part of your sole, suck your toes – will be happy to do it even after you go to gym and your feet are sweaty, dirty and smelly. you can treat me as your slave.
Personally I would enjoy being stripped naked, kneeling at your feet as your long legs stretch out in front of me. I would then slowly kiss your shoes before sliding your shoes off your feet and sucking your toes through the silky soft stockings.

Mistress I’m kneeling down, my hands on my back and my head under your feet begging to be accepted as your slave. I will worship every inch of your feet, your shoes giving them nice warm massage with my tongue when you are tired and relaxing, will become your full time toilet attendant and even clean your ass, i will do house chores, cleaning duties anything you want this slave to do for you.

Well if you want to be my slave that badly. Lick my feet clean


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Watch this big boob amateur masturbating in white nylons

March 2nd, 2015

Brunette Uk huge bust lady kerry did have loads of careers. Among the list of work opportunities kerry has done include pub worker, in the store assistant, table dancer, stripper, assembling pc boards along with oral hygienist. Exactly what kerry marie finds hot in a man? “I just like suits. I’m sure gentlemen wearing suits are usually lovely. Or simply anyone wearing uniforms. I really like uniforms. Sometimes postman’s uniforms I find really desirable! “. Nonetheless precisely what this British hot brunette is very prominent for is definitely getting out those 34JJ bosoms on the camera. So people may well consider this slut can be some kind of sweet, innocent, wholesome, bit of a pushover? Well, you only made the biggest misjudgement of one’s boob loving life. Enjoy when this amateur plays with her considerably worshipped boobs when this slut stares at you. She has got a lot to show. Yet Kerry’s web-site is not only about kerry Marie’s excellent huge chest, as fantastic as about Kerry’s chest are. It is additionally about kerry dressing up in uniforms and nylons, masturbating alone or perhaps along with this slappers big boob grirl friends. kerry possesses a nice character to match Kerrys sweet appearance and nothing at all bad may be claimed concerning this great girl. Stacked as well as plump now (this amateur gained alot of pounds back in 2004) this amateur won scorelands chubby of the Season a couple of years running (2004 as well as 05) and shows up within xlgirls on a regular basis currently too. See this beautiful English babe in these motion pictures as she masturbates in white nylons.


Kinky amateur in nylons and rubber playing with balloons

February 27th, 2015

I really like stockings, nonetheless just recently I have in addition began to relish rubberized clothing particularly once i am playing together with balloons. Most people more or less likes a balloon. They’re bright and bouncy as well as stupidly pleasant. They will float, they will make a loud noise as soon as popped. I love this feel as well as sound when your balloon rubs next to the clothing. I in addition like to rub balloons with my own panties and also lingerie covered legs. Within this video, I am dressed up in this extremely attractive rubberized nurse costume and also stockings and I have fun with numerous balloons.visit sabrina Stockings to watch the full length movie

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