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First sex experiance in stockings

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

A member wrote in to tell me about his first sexual experience in stockings. Names have been changed obviously.

It was 1962. I use to walk to school with the girls next door, right up until we left when I was 18.  Up to now I never paid much attention to these girls, although I guess they were cute. I did my own thing (sports, hobbies and homework). But that changed when Sara started to wear nylon stockings.

We went to a catholic school and had to wear uniforms. The girls wore white blouses and gray pleated skirts. To make things more interesting Sara started to wear white lace slips, garters, stockings and high heels. The combination of nylon stockings, slips, and high heels made her legs so attractive that I found myself staring at them.

One evening when our parents had gone out with some friends I was sitting in the living room with the girls watching TV. I keep looking at Sara’s legs. She had her school uniform on and had slipped her high heels off. I noticed her feet covered by the RHT stockings had a dark portion on her toes and on her heels. When she got up and walked by me I could here the sound that the stockings made rubbing together. She came back in the room and sat on the couch with Sally. Sally also had her shoes off but she was wearing white socks with her uniform.

When the movie we were watching was over Sara asked me if I liked looking at her legs. Sure I said those nylon stockings make your legs look sexy like a movie star’s legs. Oh that’s nice. I bet you don’t know that Sally is also wearing stockings. She is? Sally took off her white socks and sure enough she was also wearing RHT stockings. Wow I said . They were both wearing stockings, and I was getting excited. Sally is wearing beige stockings. Mine are darker tan color so you can notice them better. Sally wears beige because it is hard to tell she is wearing stockings at school since she is not suppose to wear stockings with white socks with her school uniform.

So do you wear a girdle to hold them up I asked? No silly girdles are for older women we wear garter belts to hold them up. So what is a garter belt I asked? Sara got up and standing in front of me she pulled up her skirt and white slip almost clear up to her waist. I could see her stocking tops which ended at the top of her thighs. There was a narrow band of bare thigh between her stocking tops and the edge of her white panties. There were short white straps coming out from under the leg bands of her panties with shiny metal clips attached to the tops of her stockings and went under the leg band of her white panties. Wow I said now that is sexy.

This is a garter belt, which goes on under my panties, and around my waist. The straps have a garter clip on the end and that’s what holds up my stockings. Sally is wearing a garter belt also? Sally said sure and she got up from the couch and raised her skirt and slip to her waist showing me her beige stocking tops, white garters with the shiny metal clips attached to her stocking tops and white panties. Like Sara her stockings ended at the tops of her thighs and only an inch of bare thigh between the stocking tops and the leg bands of her panties where the white garter straps went under the panties.

So I bet your cock is hard Sara said. It sure is. Well Sally and I would like to see it. OK. I unzipped my pants and unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down. My cock was straining at the confines of my jockey shorts. It pushed out my shorts so the leg bands pushed away from my legs and they could see the base of my cock under my shorts. Wow said Sally you have a big one. Sara acknowledged that it was quite large. Sally was quick to pull the leg band over my cock and it sprang out for them to see. Oh that’s a big cock. I think we need to make you cum so that you don’t mess up the house with your cum.

Sally asked Sara to get a wash cloth. Sally came back with the wash cloth. Sally told Sara to sit next to me and raise her skirt and slip so he could see her stocking tops and garters. She did and Sally started to wank me off. As soon as she touched it he started to come and Betty caught it in the wash cloth. Oh my God said that was wonderful.

From that day on the girls always made a point of showing me their slips, stocking tops, white garters and white panties.


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My step sisters in stockings

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

 Sent in by a kinky member

When we got ready for school mom and dad were down stairs making breakfast. My two step sisters Cathy and Betty would make it a point of calling me into their room while they put on their stockings, pulling them up to the tops of their thighs and attaching them to the short garters of their garter belts. Show me how nice and tight the garters pulled on the stockings so they would not wrinkle. I guess you know what this did to my cock. I had to masturbate in the bathroom before going to school.

From then on my sisters liked showing me their legs encased in stockings to get me hard.
Both girls would raise their skirts and slips to check and adjust their stockings to their garter belts in front of me when they got the chance. They would open the door to their rooms when we were the only ones upstairs and raise their skirts and slips to show me their stocking tops, garters, garter belts and panties.

The next time our parents when out it was a weekend. Betty was wearing a light blue checked dress with a full skirt and frilly white petticoat under the skirt. Cathy was wearing a gray straight line dress which was quite tight and short and she looked stunning. We all gathered in the living room and Betty asked if I liked her dress.

Of course I said Yes. Do you like my petticoats? As she raised her dress to show me the white full petticoats. Very nice I said. Betty stood up and said well I suppose you want me to check my stockings and make sure they don’t have any wrinkles and my seams are straight right. Yes I said I would like to see up under your dress at your stocking tops garters and your panties. OK this will make you cock get hard. Betty slowly gathered her skirt hem along with the petticoats and slid her hands up her nylon encased legs up to the darker bands at the tops of her stockings. Her metal garter clasps came into view as she tugged at her stocking tops pulling them up to the edge of her panties. She reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them.

Betty said I was asking about a girdle and since she was wearing a tight dress she had a girdle on. Do you want to see it she asked. Of course I said. OK this will really make your cock hard. Cathy pulled up her skirt and slip first exposing her stocking tops and garter clasps. Then the lip of her white Satin open bottom girdle and then the whole girdle was on display with white panties on top of the girdle. Wow I said.

Ok now brother lets see that hard cock of yours. I pulled out my cock and it was really hard. The clips of the girdle were pulling at her stockings. The welt was bunched up inside the garter fastener because her stockings were so long. Betty wants you to lick her pussy and so do I Cathy said. I will suck your cock first and make you come then Betty can suck your cock later after you lick our cunts and make us come. How does that sound. Wow I said two beautiful girls showing me their stockings and cunts what more could I want?

Cathy got on the floor between my legs and kissed my cock. Then she opened her mouth and inserted my cock into her mouth and moved her head up and down on my cock taking almost all of it into her mouth. I exploded and she took all of my come in her mouth. Wow that was a lot of come she said, a bit salty but good. Betty was sitting on the couch with her skirt and petticoats up and rubbing her pussy. OK it’s my turn she said Lick my cunt and make me cum. I got between Betty’s legs and started to lick her pussy. She squealed and closed her stocking legs about my head and came for a while. Cathy with her dress already hiked up to her waist sitting next to Betty said it my turn to cum.

I got between her legs and licked her pussy till she came. THE GOOD OLD DAYS!

Well that is a very naughty story indeed. feel free to post them on my stockings forum

I like drooling over women in heels and opaque stockings and get quite aroused by them

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Stockings request

I have a gorgeous tongue that knows exactly how to worship your pretty feet and definitely your sweet asshole….you could sit on my face whilst i eat your ass and fuck my mouth with your feet

The thought of worshipping your sexy legs in heels and thigh highs has me uncontrollably hard right now. Starting at your feet, I crave to lick and nibble on every inch of your beautiful legs until i get up to your firm ass, where I’ll devour your tight little hole with my tongue and lips. I beg for you to tease me with your heels and legs…and will do anything you command me to

I will be happy to smell your feet, lick every part of your sole, suck your toes – will be happy to do it even after you go to gym and your feet are sweaty, dirty and smelly. you can treat me as your slave.
Personally I would enjoy being stripped naked, kneeling at your feet as your long legs stretch out in front of me. I would then slowly kiss your shoes before sliding your shoes off your feet and sucking your toes through the silky soft stockings.

Mistress I’m kneeling down, my hands on my back and my head under your feet begging to be accepted as your slave. I will worship every inch of your feet, your shoes giving them nice warm massage with my tongue when you are tired and relaxing, will become your full time toilet attendant and even clean your ass, i will do house chores, cleaning duties anything you want this slave to do for you.

Well if you want to be my slave that badly. Lick my feet clean


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