Elegant Business Lady or Airline Stewardess in stockings


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I have a real attraction to stockings, love to see a lady wearing a pair of stockings i get off on it. It’s great to run my hand slowly up the leg, feeling the nylon, then getting to the stocking top and seeing and feeling the nylon running into the flesh, having half the hand subbing the nylon stocking and the other half rubbing the flesh. Also running my hand around the top of the stopping and over the suspenders, then gradually running my hand up the suspender to the suspender belt. Then to see the lady sitting crossed legged and getting a glimpse of the stocking top and suspender under her dress WOW, what a turn on Now to me that’s what i call erotic and sexy, beats spots off pantyhose.

I was able to go to my bedroom last night and imagine in my mind’s eye a scene where you were in a candle-lit room, lying on a bed, YOUR ONLY CLOTHING IS YOUR GORGEOUS STOCKINGS, your nipples had been stimulated so they were fully erect, your clitoris had been gently massaged to its maximum size, you opened your legs as wide as possible to ensure that the room was filled with the intoxicating scents emanating from your most private parts, you raised your knees to give an even better view, your soft feminine hands were ready to introduce seven and a half inches of rock solid condom-covered penis to the welcoming lips of your glistening labia so that the throbbing head would soon become intimately acquainted with the furthermost depths of your well-lubricated vagina. Such thoughts gave me a considerable erection, but I am of an age where it did not last as long as I would have wished and I fell asleep. This morning I awoke to find the upper part of my pyjama trousers sticky and I realised that I had had a ‘wet dream’ – the first for a very long time – and I thank you for that.

I should add that I was a school master and have taught in a boys’ school and in a girls’ school, being responsible for student discipline, including corporal punishment, in both schools. Thus, if you would like to tell me something about your interests, I could tell you how I came to be experienced at giving ladies great pleasure through temporarily changing the colour of their bottom to any shade of red they wished.

I would love to meet an elegant Lady who enjoys wearing stockings as when I see an elegant Business Lady or Airline Stewardess, thats what makes my head turn, and the thought of her leaning back and hitching up her skirt to show me her stocking tops is the stuff of Legend.