Hoovering up in a short skirt and stockings

The stockings request

If you could have some mess scattered across the room before you start, quite a bit if possible, and a mixture of anything and everything! Things like, bits of pasta, screws, tissue (not paper though), sweets, wrappers etc, anything really that makes that great rattly noise or slurping sound as it’s sucked up is good! I was going to suggest perhaps a couple of really flimsy pairs of panties to suck up too if you think that’s OK? Sounds weird maybe! Just really light ones that the hoover is gonna cope with no problem.

Start off by coming into the room dragging the hoover with you. Bend over to pull out the cord and bend over again to plug it in. Lift up the hose and click the switch on with your shoe. Then just really start hoovering as you would normally. After a short time you come across some mess on the floor… take off the floor tool like you’ve done in your past videos and pics and use the long metal tube to suck some of it up… just normally as you would in real life, not too acted out if you know what I mean?! Then place the floor attachment back on and carry on. It’d be good if you could have the mess spread in various areas and especially along the edges, skirting boards, corners, sofa, on top of a table even. Just every now and then use the long tube to clean some of it up when you come across it. I’d like to see you using the tube a lot throughout the video to suck things up and clean in corners and edges! (But not the roof as I’ve seen you do in your ‘blocked up’ video.. nothing against that, was good, but just like if you could stick to things lower down! : ))

After a short while, I’d love to see, when you have the tube out, if you could let the suction grab hold of your skirt as if by accident! Let it hold on for a few seconds and lift up your skirt with the suction… I’d love if you could do this various time too during the shoot : )

One other thing would be if you could suck a few things up accidentally too as you go along. Panties would be nice here as I mentioned or really anything that you wouldn’t normally just suck up with a hoover! Maybe a small sock, something like that. Just when you have the tube out, make out as if you are leaning over to do something else for a second and while you are not concentrating the tube comes near the item and whoosh, it’s away! Not sure how easy that might be to play out though… perhaps have the tube out and while leaning over a table or something else to pick something up the tube rests on the table where the panties/sock are. Be nice to see that a couple of times at least.

While all this is going on if you could be showing off your stockings and underwear to their full, not purposefully but just as if it as part of the moves you are making, bending over, leaning, reaching etc.

And to be honest that’s about it! I think I made that sound a little more complicated than it was! To sum up, hoovering normally, some nice sexy moves, sucking lots of things up as you go along, using the long tube plenty times, grabbing your skirt with the suction a few times, sucking a few things up ‘accidentally’ and just hoovering normally but in a sexy way. You’ve done it plenty of times before to my great satisfaction so I’ve no doubt you know what to do!! : ))

Well, I hope that wasn’t too lengthy! I really hope you like the ideas and don’t think it’s too weird! I’d say perhaps 15 Min’s for the video but if you reckon longer or otherwise, just say. That goes too for any other ideas you may have, just let me know or add them in as you see fit!

I made this movie myself for this. This is just a quick sample for you all.


To see the full length movie visit my site Sabrinas Stockings