I have a particular fetish for vintage lingery, stockings with a seam up the leg, suspender belts with large clasps and wide belts

Your stockings request

I do have a massive stocking fetish and would love to see you firstly dress up in your sexy outfit before we got down to some filthy fun.

I have on many occasions been forced to sit and watch as a lady has preformed a very erotic display with her stockings rubbing against my naked flesh, seductively teasing me as she lets me feel the fine smooth silk. The feeling of running my hands up those smooth silky legs always gives me a massive hard on, as it is now.

Once I have been teased and tantalised by the smooth silk I always like to repay the favour by licking and stroking the lady in question all over whilst slowly undressing her. I would love to peel of those smooth stockings and just see you standing there in them with you suspender belts hanging loosely round your waist with the stockings crumpled sexily at your feet. I would take off one stocking and pull it over my cock and jerk off with it in front of your face as your watched in appreciation. I would then bend you over and slid my stocking covered cock deep in to your tight hole maybe using the other stocking to gently spank you with or as a restraint.

I can just about remember the days when most ladies wore stockings, and the glimpse of a stocking top set you up for the day, sadly this is a rarity today, just horrible and unsexy tights. But to remenice, to , preferably when slowly kissing the lady slide your hand onto a nice silky smooth stocking and, if she lets you, eventually touch the thicker stocking top and then bare flesh, that really turns me on, lacey top stockings are even more senseuous.

Then the ultimate, if the lady like oral sex and will keep her stockings on for you, then feel the wetness of her stocking tops as you make her cum again and again with your tongue, this is pure heaven, or ask her to ride you and feel the suspenders and stockings whilst she is doing this.

PHWWWW, think I need a cold showwer after that, but you did ask why some men like stockings. As you can see i am a total stocking worshipper and anything to do with them really gets me going.

Wearing stockings can make the most average leg look shapely and desirable.
Although holdups look good and I do have a fetish for ribbon tie holdups,I think stockings should be coupled with a suspender belt, basque or corset for that true desirable look.
I have a particular fetish for vintage lingery, stockings with a seam up the leg, suspender belts with large clasps and wide belts

Although I am completely turned on by almost any type of stocking. I love the feel of running my hand up and down a leg that is covered in nylon, it’s so much more exhilarating than a bare leg.

Here is a littleĀ  video clip of me with a thick suspender belt and seemed stockings making the bed

Download the full length movie at my site sabrinas stockings