I think the vintage clasp style are more classy and erotic.

I love secretaries and so love blogs like this secretary porn blog spunky specs. I hope You don’t mind if i call You that but i am a submissive male whose initial fetish – weakness has always been nylons. i started with total foot/leg worship and have always loved the sensual feel of nylons, stockings, pantyhose – any silky leg coverings really.

my fetish moved on to being restrained with pantyhose and being “teased” by stockinged feet. Not a day goes by where i am not wandering the City admiring stockinged legs, it drives me to total distraction.

I had a stocking/nylon fetish since i was 12. I need nylon 24/7..i wear myself daily, love to sleep in them…and playing with nylon over my cock…god, that is heaven…. nylon stroking, rubbing and licking makes me breathless… i hope you know by now…its my true fetish.

I guess all men do like the stockings look – I think the vintage clasp style are more classy and erotic. They seemed to have more detail and took more care – they definitely dressed from the inside out for sure. A old girl friend gave me 1000 Dessous which had a history of lingerie and all the old seamed stockings, in different colours – black, navy and skin tone my personal favourites mmmm!!!! If you love secretaries as much as I do, check out spunky specs here

Here is some metal clasps for you