Lana’s Lingerie Tease in white stockings


Lana adores lingerie plus Lana loves to tease, which makes her the ideal fit for an internet site named, astonishingly,  Lanas Lingerie Tease. Now, you are very likely here because the thought of underwear and teasing is something which you can be focused on, so the single point you must determine is your feelings about Lana.

Lana is undoubtedly a beautiful M.I.L.F. She stands 5’6″ & weighs about 130 lbs. This lady has got blonde hair, her measurements are 34-26-34. She is a mature lady. There’s no mention of Lana’s age on her site, nevertheless I am going to guess 40ish (if perhaps I was wrong I apologise  in advance).

She’s recently had her web site redesigned, yet placing posting times isn’t an aspect of the facelift. It makes it hard to determine when the website is updated.

So far, you have 71 films, each one finding the lady in a new skimpy outfit. The vids can all be downloaded but you normally have a choice out of Windows Media together with QuickTime. Unfortunately, several can only be downloadable in WMVs, but additionally streamed in Flash. You should look forward to predominantly excellent play.

You have roughly 26 sets of pictures along with numerous collections of vid caps. The real pictures often look superb and several are even high-res. While, the video caps are typically astonishingly decent. Whether or not you are dealing with pics or vid caps, you can still save these in Zip files, that is a function included in the redesign.

What lingerie enthusiasts may appreciate is the fact that Lana in fact does enjoy the satiny attire as much as we do. The variety of style and also colours is fantastic, but the way Lana moves in them, massaging  and beaming at the video camera, honestly shows an eagerness you only get at a real amateur web-site . Where nudity goes, you get to watch Lanas tits, but this is a softcore tease internet site, so the lingerie is basically what is exhibited.

Right now there aren’t the bonuses, you could contact her by e mail, so that offers lovers the chance for communication. In spite of any lack of bonus content this variety has its merits while the price is sensible plus the repeating cost is much lower. In short, Lanas Lingerie Tease is definitely worth looking at.