Nothing turns me on more than seeing a pretty lady on the train wearing fully fashioned stockings

The stockings request

Hey there. There is nothing sexier than a sexy, sleek leg in a soft, seductive pair of stockings/nylons/fishnets! Many women find it weird and bringing it up in relationships usually ends in dissapointment. There is nothing that drives me more crazy then a set of heeled and stockinged legs.

Nothing turns me on more than seeing a pretty lady on the train wearing fully fashioned stockings with the oh so sexy seam leading up the leg to what i know is the sexist peice of underwear a woman can wear, a corset or suspender belt! Teamed with a sexy pair of stiletto heels or boots and id be puty in their hands.

It’s safe to say that I have a fetish when it comes to stockings. Oh yes sure, they do look great and that is part of the appeal but there’s more to it than that right?

Of course, the fact that the women has chosen to wear it to empower herself and make her feel sexy. The feel of the soft, silky, sheer material brushed against the skin. The change in text as my hand goes from the leg material, to the re-enforced top, to the soft skin that exposed above the stocking and below the pants.

Black high gloss and sheer or black high denier gloss. Red also turn me on but white or brown are a no-no. Not hold ups – I love the real thing. I love seamed stockings best – preferably those with a slightly raised true seam, not a fake one.

I like to cum on stockings while a lady is wearing them. I love the feel of my penis resting against cool firm nylon. It is just a wonderful arousing feeling. There is something very very sexy about the sight of cum on black stockings. I have also cum into stockings while a lady is wearing them, I put my penis into the top and came down her leg. Even though it was several years ago now I still get hot and bothered at the dream of doing that again.

Well Im not going to let you cum over my stockings, but you can see me on the train. Changing my panties on the train while commuting to work


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