Secretary uniforms and maid uniforms

The stockings request

We have seen you putting your clothes into the washing machine, how about you as a maid hand washing some of your dedicates?

A second part could be you as the maid hanging them out (inside airing rack if need be).

A third completing set would be you coming to the now dry clothes and getting dressed. Hmm, they may need ironing first. Oh dear, a maid’s work is never done.

You said it’s something You like so why not a set at the office – black short skirt and stockings, white knickers and high heels – preparing and then bending over your boss desk for being late three time in a week… I love white knickers shots and your sweet stocking tops!

I think this is one of the best sites on the WEB. I only wish you would show a more of your beautiful breasts. Man should not live on stockings alone – especially when you have been blessed with exceptional breasts

I have so many sets of me dressed as a secretary and as a maid. I have decided to flash you my boobs instead


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