What gift would you like? Stocking, panties or balloons

You have certainly entertained me this year and although I am not in a position to offer much (Gentleman, I may aspire to be, but out of work does not readily facilitate my usual way of life) I would wish to send you a little present.. (If that could be myself, then all the better, although I don’t think, would hope, you’d not get much sleep….)

But what would you like to receive as a gift? Stockings I would guess or possibly balloons.. But if there is something that has caught your eye, perhaps you’d let me know

Wiping the residue of the statements above to one side for a moment, I’d like to fill you with praise for the work you have done so far and push lip service as far as possible .. (covering lips, neck,cleavage, belly, naval, vagina, upper thighs, lower legs and toes, in stockings to start with…)

I do like naval’s there is something about the expectation of where to go from there that I find will cause a woman to raise either her hips or shoulders that is so exciting. Equally I’d like to have you stood over me whilst I have my hands between your legs and caressing your firm luxurious buttocks pulling your vagina forward towards my tongue. Well what can I say except if your legs were covered in nylons as well we may be in danger of starting a fire.

You are an amazingly sexy woman and you know how to use it well, if I was in position to hire you as my personal assistant I would and just ask you to be yourself, although I may have have to ask you to re-frame from flashing overtly to too many employee’s at once other wise I think the male and female toilets would become over populated.. (Although if I had my way I’d have no desk in my office, just a down filled bed with Egyptian cotton sheets and a wardrobe of costumes, basques stockings, panties, restraints and maybe an aunt Jemima costume …)

On a side note I noticed a set of of you in panty hose and french knickers, the knickers almost seemed
to be a little worn out .. possibly due to over use.. I have no idea whats caused them to seem that way to me. I was merely thinking that some lubrication may be of use and if your juices happened to drip from snatch or leave little riveletes down your legs during a shoot then all the better.

Well you can always buy me stockings or panties. French knickers like these perhaps?


See the complete set of pictures here