Who wants to be my slave and worship my stockings?


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The Applicants so far

Dearest Mistress.. I love a lady in black stockings, suspenders & high heels, would kiss & lick your high heel shoes & boots & admire you stocking clad legs. I’dbe happy to have you control me on a leash & collar, my hands tied behind my back.. as you have me kneel in front of you, kissing your feet. Mmm.. I’d be happy to lick up your stockings to your stocking tops, along your bare skin up to your moist panties & lick you between your legs. Perhaps you’d like to spank & whip my bum too..?!  If you like, I’d be happy to get a hot golden shower from you, or if you want to sit on my face peeing direct into my mouth as I suck & lick you?  I’d be even more sub/turned on if you wore a very short red or black leather, pvc or latex skirt!! I’d kneel in front of you while you sit on the toilet.. so you have me licking/rimming your bum hole after you’ve poood, then have me lick/suck you while you sit peein into the toilet bowl.

Hi Mistress,
I am a young, dirty slutty, bitch-boy in desperate search of Mistress. I like to be humiliated, the nastier – the better, being tied up securely, so that I couldn’t escape the punishment.
Forced to kneel before beautiful feet, you tell me to wipe it clean with my tongue…I lean down licking your heels, my tongue sweeping up and down…You laugh seeing what a slut you have under your feet. You pull me by the hair, slowly exposing your latex strap-on cock. My eyes start widening, as you shove it into my mouth. – “;;Suck it good, slut”;; – your words pounding down. I adore every single element of bdsm. Collars, whips, role-playing, tormenting, spanking, whipping, forced actions, humuliation. I would love to be your slave.

Mistress I hope to be the sub that you can have lots of fun with and i promise you complete control and surrender on my part. I am a 26 year old submissive guy from west London and I would love to get to know a like minded Lady like you! I am very easy going, intelligent and I like to keep busy with out door activities. I have been a submissive for the last 5 to 6 years and have experience in being dominated. I would like to expand my horizons and experiences and stretch my limits of submission. I have experienced a number of things like body worship, being tied up, caned, foot worship, humiliation and orgasm control. These are the things that I have done and I understand that’s it’s all about You and nothing to do with me. Therefore I would love to please you any way that you wish or desire!

Hello Mistress,  I am 27yrs old, white, clean, quite handsome I’d like to think, discreet and with a massive fetish for nice legs. When I look at a woman the first think to check out will be her legs and feet, then her arse and the rest follows. I’m asking for a chance to get down my knees and worship your feet and arse as you ‘ve never had it worshipped before. I’m not expecting for anything in return but I’d be glad to give anything you wanted.

Mistress. It would be a great honour for me to worship you as a Goddess and serve you as a Queen. My right place is at the feet of a beautiful Mistress. I believe women are superior to men and should be worship. As a slave my aim will be to please you in the way you want. I will be the only judge of the quality of my service and I will accept humiliation, punishment and reward. I believe it is part of my education. I will always thank you to take some of your precious time to educate me.

Mistress In order to please you I propose to clean and massage your feet and boots with my tongue as well as different oil. I propose to serve you at your home by doing housework, cleaning and cooking for you. I imagine that for our first encounter I should take all my clothes off. Because a mistress should see what she posses. Then on my knee, I shall beg you to accept me as your slave. If you accept I would serve you drinks and come to your feet to kiss them and massage them. I could clean your boots with my tongue and massage your feet with oil. You could reward me if you like my service or you could punish me with spanking and insult because I should learn exactly how you want to be please.

Dear Madam,I am single,slim,polite,and a fit 57. I am asking for a position at a womans feet where i would love to slowly take off her shoes and after taking in the aroma of your shoes i would put my hands behind my back[you can tie them if you wish]so you would be in control as you push your stocking clad toes into my mouth then push them deeper and deeper into my mouth,then after the removal of your stockings i do the same again with your naked feet,then kiss all of your legs and thighs until you say “that is far enough”and of course i would obey you,i never interupt a woman when she is speaking[please put me to the test]it is symbolic of female domination to have a male at her feet and for him to suck on her shoes and feet.Your Foot Slave.

Mistress, I WOULD LOVE to worship ur legs & feet as its one thing i really & truly love & i could do it forever(well,as long as u like!) ur the BOSS! ill be totally urs 4 the time u want & ill adore anything u want me to!(even ur ASS)! im very genuine,without an attitude and ill be ur devoted slave….ill worship ur feet & legs as they are the most important things on earth!!
i will caress them,stroke them & kiss them…i will cuddle them,worship them till ur bored.

Mistress,I’m a very willing and obedient slave who would love nothing more than to worship a mistress such as yourself. I have no preference in terms of age, weight or looks. All i seeks is a mistress who requires a slave with stocking, shoe, feet and arse fetish. I love feet,licking them, toes, sole. tights and stocking are also a big turn on!! There is nothing that i will not do for a mistress wearing stockings and high heels. I also love worshiping arse, licking deep with my tongue as mistress sits on my face. If you were to have me as your slave i would be willing do anything to please you. I would be completely under your command and will only yes to your every command

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